This is my 2nd jam track called Backing Track in Am Pop Rock Sad Ballad

Short story:

I am very happy that I finally finished this song. I worked on it almost 10 days (1-3) hours per day. I had a big issue with guitar sound. I am still looking nice Fender clean sound ( I recorded via Fender Blues Junior III and Fender Stratocaster 62 reissue).

also, I recorded bass link with MIDI and sounds it quite good.

The main riff starts with A minor chord with decreasing of root notes (A-G#-G-F#-F and back to A) I recorded chorus very simple and I think it is very comfortable for guitar soloing.

Time Signature is 3/4
BPM: 85


Intro is in A minor (am)
Chorus: C major (C), D minor (dmi), A minor (am) + G major (G)

A minor (or C major). A minor (aeolian) or A minor pentatonic.

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Soundcard: Focusrite 2i2 2 gen

mic: Shure SM 57

Fender Stratocaster American Vintage 62 1986

Fender Blues Junior III

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100

Yamaha PSR E443

Ibanez, Wampler, MXR, Fulltone

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