Bass Backing Track B minor Pink Floyd Style is my new bass play-along track in Progressive Rock style

This Progressive Rock style bass Jam Track contains chords visualization and bass fretboard with B minor pentatonic.

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This Pink Floyd Style Bass Backing Track in B minor contains one groove section

The mode of this song is B Aeolian
The Key of this song is in D Major
E Dorian mode works as well.

The style of this song is Pink Floyd Style Backing Track
This song is inspired by Album – Another brick in the wall
you can experiment with your solos!
I used for recording guitar PRS Custom 24 30th anniversary 2015,
Hammond B3 organ

🎶All Chords are displayed in the video but I can mention them – see below.⬇⬇


| B minor | A major |
| B minor | A major | B minor | E major | D major |
| E major | B minor | Esus4 | G major | Esus4 |

This Pink Floyd Style Bass Backing Trac has been recorded in this tempo and Time Signature.⬇⬇

🎶BPM: 105
🎶Time Signature: 4/4

📹You can see the guitar chords visualization which can help you with soloing over this song.

I added also the guitar fretboard and marked all tones from B minor pentatonic scale

I appreciate any suggestion and feedback on my production

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